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My Ability To Change

My ability to change

Rustled through the leaves.

It barely said a word.

I think it muttered, "Please."

And if my sorry ears

Didn't tell my feet to stay,

I'd regret it through the years,

Like a bath of tar and hay.

And so I whispered back,

"Do not be afraid.

The sun will shed some light,

On these dark, uncertain days.

No need to be ashamed,

If you're moving slow.

You're merely revving up

'Till infinity lets go!

So, hold your head up high,

Or go and take a nap.

Just don't hide from me forever,

Underneath the dripping sap.

I want to see the mountains,

And laugh with those I love,

And share in pain and trials.

Your potential is enough.

Let's take a step together,

and see what we can do.

To grow up is my greatest dream.

I can't do it without you.

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