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     Debut Single


                                                                          Listen now!

     Debut Single


                                                                          Listen Now!

Something happens when you grow up. I can't hardly stand myself...


about me

I grew up going to a smaller school in southwest Florida, that encouraged big ideas. I was interested in questions more than answers. In order to remember everything from my address to buckling my seatbelt, I would make up songs with my mom. I enjoyed making movies for fun with my friends, and performing in school plays. I learned to find beauty in mistakes with an attitude of "The show must go on!" As well as, to laugh at myself whenever possible, which is very often.

    Always interested in art, I found that Songwriting was the only art-form that combined my three favorite things; words, music, and performing. I studied songwriting under Professor and mentor, Jodi Marr, at Belmont university, where I also studied Audio Engineering.

   When I was little, my Grandpa made up songs on the spot, to make me laugh, and my Grandma wrote me a lullaby. I learned at an early age about the power of music, how fun, freeing, and beautiful it can be. As a shy kid, I was able to express myself more authentically in music, than through most everyday conversations. My mom and I composed a song about the pains of homework in first grade called, “The Homework Blues.” I continued to write songs throughout my youth about unrequited love, feeling lost, dragonflies, etc… writing is my therapy.


  I admire different artists from Johnny Cash, to the Cranberries, Bob Dylan to Radiohead; Bright Eyes to Dolly Parton, Ray Charles to Alanis Morsette, The Killers, Talking Heads, Blondie, Joni Mitchell and so many more. My mission is to connect with others through thought provoking and heart healing music.



about the song

I wrote the first verse of “Transformations,” when I had recently graduated college and was going through a transition period. I finished the song about a year later, after I had been working for an apartment complex and Omni Sound Studios, in Nashville. In the light at the end of my post-grad tunnel, I was able look back on the prior period of transition, and reflect on how change was inevitable. I began producing the track on my own, and finished the production with the help of Nashville producer, Bill McDermott. He refined the track, and added his awesome electric guitar. My favorite part is probably the background harmonies because they resemble a cuckoo clock, which I animated in a music video using a green screen. 

Produced by Jesse Brady & Bill McDermott

Mixed by Bill McDermott

Mastered by Ryan Rajagopal

Music Video, Art, & Animation by Jesse Brady

Album Art by Jesse Brady 


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