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Once upon a patch ... 

"Starving for Love"

by Kate Cosentino


Producers/Tracking Engineers: Jesse Brady and Becca Eckman

Mix Engineer: Hannah Duff

Mastering Engineer: Ben Delameter

Acoustic guitar, Lead Vocal, BGVs: Kate Cosentino 
Upright bass: Laurence Freeman
Keys: Rocco Fiorentino
Violin: Miriam Peschet
Cello: Evan Breland

"Don't Let You're Hunger Die"

by Justin and The Cosmics



Tracking Engineer: Jesse Brady

Assistant Engineer: Liv Nazare 
Mix Engineers: Justin Collins and Jesse Brady

Produced By  Jack Evan Johnson

Electric Guitar/Lead Vocal: Justin Collins
Electric Guitar/BGVs: Scott Collins
Bass: Conor Lynch
Drums: Kyle Walsh

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...a songwriter discovered she had a passion for recording, producing, and mixing music

While studying at Belmont University, I had many other opportunities to assist engineers, producers, and peers on studio sessions, while working as a Staff Engineer on campus  at Columbia Studio A and Quonset Hut.

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 4.17.48 PM.png

Co-producing and co-engineering "Starving for Love," by Kate Cosentino, with Becca Eckman, was a wonderful process of fearless experimentation, trial and error, hours of recording and editing, and joyful discovery of the kind of production that serves the song. Kate’s lyrics hold an important message so the most important thing was that they be heard! The second was a unique instrumentation that captures the deep emotion of the lyrics, and yet is still danceable and carries the vibrant energy that Kate has when she performs. 

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Recording and mixing, "Don't Let You're Hunger Die," in Columbia studio A,  was an incredible experience. The song will soon be released on an album compiled by Honkytonkbadonkadonk Magazine, edited by Jack Evan Johnson. In preparing for the session, I set up the microphones an hour after my graduation, in my cap and gown, because the session was the very next morning, and I find that you can never be too prepared with technology. 

The final mix is raw and powerful, like the songwriting of Justin Collins.

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