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Jesse Brady went to a small school in Florida, that encouraged big ideas. She was interested in questions more than answers. In order to remember everything from her address to buckling her seatbelt, she would make up songs. She enjoyed making movies for fun with her friends, and performing in school plays. She learned to find beauty in mistakes with an attitude of "The show must go on!" She also learned to laugh at herself whenever possible, which is very... very often.  

Always interested in art, Jesse found that Songwriting was the only art-form that combined her three favorite things; words, music, and connection. She studied songwriting under professor and mentor, Jodi Marr, and audio engineering at Belmont University. She started listening to the components of sound more intricately than she ever had before.

Her interest in audio, led her to intern at Omni Sound Studios, where she developed her skills and. She began working with well known producer and artist developer, Bill McDermott

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